5 Myths About Technology That We Believed Certain

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A myth arises when an object or subject is attributed exceptional qualities or lack objective foundation, but that supposed truth becomes a belief and is not questioned. Technology lives much of mysticism and all too often we tend to attribute to it those extraordinary, even saving, properties of unstoppable progress. But far from these attributions, reality and time, allow to look with perspective facts that we can demystify with contrasted arguments and analyzed by experts about these false myths related to the technology of the 21st century

More pixels, better camera and photo quality

Surely more than one / a will sound this claim and still keep looking for cameras observing this indicator. However, the quality of a camera is not measured by the number of megapixels. The choice is influenced by other factors much more important such as the amount of light that is able to capture the camera’s sensor, the color and the compression capacity of the photos and this way, the quality of a photograph is measured more by the amount of light captured by the camera’s sensor, so that, if a camera has a wide sensor, the pixels will be larger, which makes it easier to capture the light and therefore improves the quality of the photograph. In the case of the cameras of smartphones , the sensors are smaller, so a greater number of pixels could be counterproductive and generate noise in the image.

How many more bars better coverage

How often do we look at the coverage bars of our smartphone or tablet when we detect that our operator’s connection does not work properly or the call is cut off. When all the bars of the device are complete this does not mean that the coverage or the quality of the call service is good, but rather that the signal received by the device is optimal due to the proximity of an emission tower . As indicated by José Manuel Riera, member of the working group of the Radioelectric Spectrum of the Official College of Telecommunication Engineers of Madrid (COIT), “greater level of power of the network means greater speed and quality in the data service”.

Therefore, the number of complete bars does not have to do with the coverage or that the connection of the call is the ideal one, since these depend on factors such as contracting with the operator or saturation due to the demand for services that exists in the line at a certain moment. Some examples are those that occur on designated dates such as New Year’s Eve or specific events, such as concerts or WI-FI connections in a specific space, where “the signal must be distributed among several user terminals” concludes Jose Manuel Riera.

Mac, iPhone and iPad are immune to viruses

Yes, the company of the apple can also suffer the undesirable effects of computer viruses. Far from the kindness that his acolytes sell as one of its advantages, reality shows that the Mac OS X system has also been and is a victim of computer attacks . And this legend that has made him immune to the Steve Jobs company is due more to a matter of pure statistics . Viruses must be designed specifically for the operating system to which it is addressed and since most companies use Windows or Linux these are usually the most affected systems, while attacks on Macs are less frequent.

Recharge the mobile’s battery only when it is discharged

The useful life of the mobile’s battery is still a recurring theme analyzed. Far from entering the so-called programmed obsolescence, the truth is that with the first mobile phones that had nickel cadmium (NiCd) batteries it was necessary to wait until they were completely discharged or otherwise we would shorten the life of the phone. These batteries work with the so-called memory effect by which they lose capacity if incomplete charges are made. This is due to a chemical reaction that creates crystals in these batteries when heated by use or a bad charge. To avoid this, it is enough to carry out a full charge and not wait for them to be completely discharged.

With the arrival of lithium ion batteries , incorporated in most current phones, this gesture is no longer necessary and you can charge the battery of the phone when it is most appropriate without affecting the life of the battery in any way. moment. Now, if you want to prolong the life of the battery there are tricks that are not myths and work, like putting this in the freezer , since the cold acts as a conductor joining the two poles and makes the passage of electrons with greater efficiency prolonging the duration; Or you can generate static energy by rubbing the battery with a cloth.

More mega, better user experience on the Internet

Companies often sell us the benefits of the speed of 100 megabytes or 200 megabytes as the panacea in the quality of Internet connection speed, something that we would detect in the time that a web page is loaded or we watch a video. But the truth is that, in the case of improving user experience in Internet browsing, we have to talk more about latency than about speed. As they indicate from the National Center of the Market of the Competition (CNMC) , the passage of the speed of 1 mega to 10 megabytes yes an improvement is appraised, but from the 10 megabytes the speed of access is hardly perceptible.

Here comes into play the so-called latency which is no more than the time it takes for IP address packets to arrive from the server to our computer or device . This is measured in pings, expressed in milliseconds (ms), so that the fewer milliseconds fasterit will be navigation. How do we perceive it? In the time that a page is loaded, we see a streaming video, we make calls by VoIP (Voice over IP) applications or we play online. However, other factors influence the latency, such as the technology that gives access to the Internet, that is, ADSL or fiber optic; the distance between the two points they want to communicate; and the capacity of the device from which we connect and the server load. Thus, the lower the latency, -as in the case of fiber optic 4-20 ms compared to 60 ms ADSL-, better user experience.

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