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In the technological era, we all have been driven by the technological gadgets and without these gadgets our life is incomplete. And many users prefer to use the Dell PC, tablets and printers instead of other products. But when you find that you’re Dell PC or tablet or laptop is running slow, responding to your command sluggishly and the system is not working properly then you should see what the problem is with your system and to do so there are various tools which are available to Diagnose the Dell issues which are prevailing in your system and you are not able to identify them. The troubleshooting steps for the particular problem depend on the error and issue which is prevailing in the system. So it is important to diagnose the correct issue before handling the problem. It can also be possible that due to some virus your system is freezing and is not responding to the command. The slow system also annoys you and there are certain corrupt files which are present in your system and you are not able to detect then which is harming the other files as well. So there is a tool which is pre-boot diagnostic which detects the problems present in your system. The experts always recommend users to first do a diagnostic test to detect the common errors and issued which are prevailing in the system. So there are certain steps through which you can Diagnose Dell issues and if you need Dell Technical Support from the skilled experts to detect the issue without any hassle then contact our experts.

Steps to diagnose the issues

  • You can diagnose the problem online as well and do that you have to run a “Quick test” and do that go to the official site and click on “run quick test”.
  • You can also run a custom test if you want to do a specific device test.
  • And to do the full test go to the website and then click on “detect product” or you can enter the “service tag” and then click on “submit”.
  • Then go to the “diagnostic tab” and click on it.
  • Then you can choose the test according to your need such as “Quick test”, “Custom test”, “full Test”. And the diagnosing process will start.
  • If you want to diagnose the system offline then follow the steps provided below.
  • As all the Dell products come with an inbuilt tool which is PSA or ePSA.
  • So firstly restart your system and when the Logo of the company came up you have to immediately press F12 to enter into the Boot menu.
  • Then you have to select the option of “diagnostics” with the help of the arrow keys and then hit “enter”.
  • Now you will be given some on-screen instructions which you have to follow. And if the test gets fails the issue will be appeared on your screen and note the issue otherwise take Support for Dell.

For expert’s advice dial Dell Support Number Toll-Free

If you are still not able to detect the problem by using above steps in your Dell system then call the experts through Dell Support Number +1-844-666-6854 Toll-Free.

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