Get Prosperous methods for Email Attachment Issues in Yahoo Mail

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Yahoo has served the internet users for many years and mainly it is known for the most secure email program which provides the best email services for free. Yahoo mail has become one of the integrated email programs for the users and without it, their day to day life also hampers a lot if they get any issue or due to any bug they are not able to access their account. Sometimes it so happens that they Forget Yahoo Password and due to which they are not able to solve all the issues and bugs which they are facing.  But due to security reasons, many Yahoo customers are facing issue while they try to attach any document whether it is PDF or word document or any other picture. As there are many important word documents or it can memos which are very important but they are not able either to open them or attach them to their email.  So there are many reasons of email attachment and users are not able to solve them so if you are also facing these issues which you are not able to troubleshoot then you should take support from the experts and if you want to manually troubleshoot this issue then you can follow the steps provided by the experts.

Steps to Follow to Troubleshoot the Email Attachment Issue

  • This problem occurs if there is any configuration problem or there is any security setting problem with the internet browser. And these issues come when your browser is not updated and if you are not using the latest version of the browser. So update your browser to the latest version.
  • There are some security issues also which contribute to the email attachment issues. The files which contain a virus or which the Yahoo thinks are not safe for the system will not get attached. The files which Yahoo does not support ends with .exe, .bat and .jar and there is a high risk that there is some virus as the virus are transported in these types of files normally.
  • Another reason for this issue can be the antivirus program which you have installed or the proxy firewall and you should disable the proxy firewall or your antivirus if you are having a problem while attaching any file with your email.
  • Sometimes it so happens that the customers are not able to download the file attachments and they see an error on their screen “the requested URL was not found on the server”. So you have to disable the antivirus software which creates the problem as the Yahoo server uses Norton antivirus to make the attachments secure and if there is any other antivirus on your system it will create an issue.
  • Sometimes you are not able to open the attachments that are because some browser add-ons and plug-ins are creating issues. So disable them. And if you are having a problem in disabling them then call us on Yahoo Support Number.

For Any Support Dial Yahoo Mail Support Number Toll-Free

If you still are not able to solve the issue then connect with the experts through Yahoo Mail Support Number toll-free.

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