How to Fix BitDefender Antivirus Error 1011?

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In the advanced mechanical time, there have been more instances of infection assaults, ransomware and malware assaults through which the Bitdefender antivirus give security to the clients. There have been numerous cases that the records and the information and secret information has been adulterated or stole from the clients and even the virus has stolen their passwords of the web managing an account and these infections have made the web exchanges more powerless. There are numerous antivirus present in the market today, however, Bitdefender gives the best security among others as it generally gives the new updates to its antivirus with the goal that the clients get the best and aggregate assurance from new spam and vindictive codes. On the off chance that you don’t update your antivirus then it is conceivable that the variants you are utilizing just recognizes the more seasoned adaptation of infection and harmful codes yet as the innovation is propelling the new sort of Trojan and malevolent codes are expanding each day thus you are under consistent risk of being assaulted by these infections. So it is vital that you should update your application and various times it so happens that when users try to update the antivirus they receive Bitdefender antivirus error 1011 during an update and their update gets stopped. As this signifies that the request has timed-out because the program failed to reach any update server within designated time-period. So in such case, if you are also not able to update the program and you receive this error but you are not able to troubleshoot then you should get in touch with the Bitdefender antivirus support team otherwise follow the steps provided below to troubleshoot it.


Causes of the Error

  • Your update server is offline.
  • Server port has been closed on 7074.
  • Your program does not have access to the update server’s location.

Steps to solve the Error

Step 1: As discussed above, it is a connectivity issue so you have to go to the hit and trial method to see where the problem lies.

Step 2: You have to ensure and verify that the update server is working fine and is up.

Step 3: To do so, if it is relay then check that epupdateserver.exe is running or not and if not, go to the “services” to start it and if it is located on GravityZone then restart the update server.

Step 4: Using your antivirus program ping the server by using the command “Ping IP update server 7074”.

Step 5: You need to send the telnet command to verify that 7074 port is reachable from your application. If you face any further problem then open the 7074 port if it is closed and if you are unable to do it then take Bitdefender Support from experts.

Take Help from Technicians via Bitdefender Support Number

If you are still facing issues which you are not able to troubleshoot then you should contact experts via Bitdefender Support Number Toll-Free.

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