How to Fix Common Issues with Google Home?

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It has provided the users with a range of products and applications which shows the advancement of technology. One such product is the Google home Speaker through which you can watch YouTube, Netflix shows with proper sound quality. And you can also listen to your favorite songs, weather reports and news and the USP of this device is that you can use it and control your device around your house. You can also control your device from your phone as well. The device requires some initial set up and after that, it is ready to use. On the other hand, some users face difficulty in the device which they are not able to troubleshoot as those errors are technical and users do not know how to tackle them. So here in this blog, we will discuss some common issues which the Google home faces and how users can troubleshoot those technical errors. In case, users are not able to deal with them they can contact the experts to Fix Google Issues without any hesitation. And if you want to deal with them manually then follow the steps provided below by our experts.

Common Issues in Google Home and How to Fix Them

  1. The First Common Error is the Connectivity Issue.

The connectivity error is totally normal to occur. There are sometimes network connectivity problems and other problems so make sure that you first power cycle the speaker, modem and the router. The other method to solve the connectivity issue is to reboot your device simply by unplugging it from the power for few seconds otherwise restart the device manually by going to “devices” and then click on “settings” and then tap on “more” and finally click on “reboot”.

  1. The Second Common Issue is that Google Home is not responding to your instructions

This can happen if your device is been placed near noisy objects or in a noisy environment then it will not respond to your instructions and it can also be possible that these things interfere with the Mic array of your device. To troubleshoot this, you should take away the speaker away from these obstructions or speak above the volume of the noises so that the speaker can hear you. Also, make sure that the mic is switched off.

  1. Home location is incorrect on your device.

Many things depend on the location which you provide such as the weather reports traffic details and many more, which requires correct location and if it is set wrong you will get incorrect updates. To fix this, open the “Google Home” app and on the top left side of your screen click on “hamburger button”. Then you have to select “more settings”. Go to “Google account settings” and select “personal info” then selects “home &work locations”. Now you have to enter the correct address and tap on “ok”.

If you face any other technical issue which you are not able to deal with then take Google Technical Support from experts.

For More Support, Dial Google Support Number Toll-Free

If you face these issues and you are unable to deal with them or any other issue is troubling you then contact the experts through Google Support Number toll-free.

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