Steps to Correct Slowness And Freezing In IncrediMail

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IncrediMail services have been allowed users to email and to communicate with their friends and family through interesting emojis and animated emojis with interesting wallpapers and customers also enjoys the services. But when their program runs very slowly or freezes then they get really annoyed and it also hampers their work as well. The main reason for this sluggishness may be that you are not using the updated version of the application and you are using an outdated version which is not compatible.
Now that is why it is creating the problem but if you are using the updated version then it is possible that your system is out of memory or there are some memory issues as the temporary files takes space and creates these problems. So you do not have to worry about this issue as it can be fixed easily. Firstly you should install the latest version to fix and repair all the things. And if you want to save the hassle then you should contact the experts through IncrediMail support number otherwise you can also follow the steps to solve the problem.

Follow the steps to troubleshoot the issue

  • Firstly, you should install and the use the latest version of the application to avoid any issue.
  • If your application freezes while sending or receiving the emails then you should avoid sending emails in bulk as they stuck in the outbox and your server do not allow to send the emails in bulk.
  • After this, if the application still responds sluggishly then you have to delete the run-time folder which contains temporary files folder which eats up your crucial space and with a certain time period you have to delete the folder.
  • To delete the folder, go to the official site and then download the file and open that downloaded file and then type “run” in the dialogue box which has opened and click on “run” again then follows the guide.
  • After that, you have to reset your Internet Explorer as the application uses certain components of the browser to run smoothly.
  • To reset the browser, click on the “IncrediMail” tray icon and then click on “exit”.
  • Now open the “internet explorer” and then go to “tools” and then select “internet options”.
  • Now you have to select “security” and then click on “Reset all zones to default level” and then go to “advanced tab” and click on “reset” button and then click on “ok”.
  • One thing you can also do that you can also start your windows using “MSCONFIG” which allows the windows to start with the minimum applications and erases other compatibility errors
  • If that does not help then start the application in the safe mode.

For IncrediMail customer support, reach to our experts toll-free

If you are also not able to deal with this issue and you are still facing this issue then you should take IncrediMail customer support from experts and reach by dialing IncrediMail help number

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