How to Move the Dropbox Folder to a New Location!

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Trying to move your Dropbox folder to a new location on your hard drive or external hard drive?  You can easily move your folders and files to a new location but many users face issues while they try to transfer the files to a new place. They face many technical issues which they are not able to resolve. If you are also one of those who tried to transfer the files to a new location but facing technical errors then you should know the reasons why you are seeing the technical issues. If users have set the new location on removal media then users will see some technical issues, also if users are currently using the file which they want to move then also they will see an error while transferring the file, if the location or the hard drive or the end destination have low space then also you won’t be able to transfer your folder. Users can also face technical issue due to incorrect folder permissions or if they are using symlinks or referenced files. So if you also face these technical problems due to which you aren’t able to move the folders to a new location then take Dropbox technical support from the qualified experts. Also, if you want to manually deal with the problem then you can follow the steps which are provided below by our experts.


Pre-requisites to Move the Files without Any Hassle

  • Always use the same hard drive as the operating system otherwise the application won’t work.
  • Do not use network file systems as they are incompatible with the cloud storage application.
  • Do not move your folders to the non-default file systems.
  • You may face issues while you transfer the files to the external drive, so carefully transfer your data to the external drive.
  • Do not try to move the files to the removable media.

Steps to Move the Dropbox Folder to a New Location

  • Restart the computer and start your windows with the administrative rights.
  • Make sure that you are not accessing multiple applications on your PC.
  • Now go to the “menu bar” or “system tray” and then click on “Dropbox” icon.
  • Click on “preference” if you are a Linux user otherwise click on the “gear icon”.
  • And then click on “sync” and then tap on “move”. If you are a MacOS user then you have to click on “Dropbox location”.
  • You are now required to select the new place for the folder and allow the application to move the files and folders to a new place.
  • If you face any problem while transferring the folder then Contact Dropbox team to solve your problem.

Get Dropbox Customer Support Immediately for Your Technical Issues

If you are still facing issues while moving the Files to a new location then contact the experts via Dropbox Customer Support Number +1-844-666-6854 toll-free.

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